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Derivation of the basic annuity-immediate formula

Derivation of \(a_{\overline{n}|i} = \frac{1 – v^n}{i}\)

Notes on geometric series

Some notes I have written on geometric series, mostly geared toward what works best for actuarial exams.

Parmenides and the big, bland, possibly spherical unity

Join Parmenides in his quest to prove that reality is an eternal, undifferentiated, unchanging unity. Oh yes, and maybe spherical.

Socrates and troublemaking for the sake of truth

You know him from Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure, but what’s the real deal with So-crates?

Does evolution entail atheism?

Evolution is compatible with both atheism and its denial.

Was evolution the basis for Nazism or the Holocaust?

Creationists often claim that evolution was responsible for Nazism and the Holocaust. Are they right?

Nozick’s theory of justice

Briefly describes Nozick’s entitlement theory of justice.

Rawls’s theory of justice

Covers some of the core concepts from John Rawls’s most influential book.

Would ultraviolet light have prevented a natural origin of life?

Direct UV light destroys amino acids and nucleic acid bases. How much of a problem was it for the origin of life?

Does the age of Niagara Falls support young-earth creationism?

If the earth is billions of years old, why hasn’t Niagara Falls or my hairline receded further?